$24,198 is the Estimated Wedding Cost

Wedding cost estimate based on the spending of other couples not wedding vendor prices

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Wedding Cost Summary

For this wedding, the total estimated wedding cost is $24,198

Home zip code: 49415 Get Wedding Statistics
Season: Summer Wedding
Getting married in: Muskegon MI
How many guests: This estimate is based on having 125 guests with a range of 100 to 150 guests. Adding a single guest will likely add $194 to the total amount spent. For example, adding 10 additional guests will add $1,936 to the total wedding cost.
The ceremony and reception will be at the same location
Wedding Location: a farm or barn
Words that describe your wedding: Elegant, Rustic, Farm/Barn
Primary color theme: Browns
Highest priority or most important products and services:
  • Attire & Accessories (Wedding Dress, Suit, etc.)
  • Beauty, Health & Spa (Hair, Makeup, etc.)
  • Entertainment (DJ, Live Band, Musician/s, etc.)
  • Event Food Service, Catering, Bar Service
  • Flowers & Decorations
How much does a summer wedding in Muskegon MI with 100 to 150 guests cost? The wedding is at a farm or barn. The type of wedding is Elegant, Rustic, Farm/Barn. The wedding color theme is Browns. The estimated cost for this wedding is $24,198.

Wedding Cost by Category

Category Estimated Cost
Attire & Accessories $1,691
Beauty & Spa $173
Entertainment $666
Flowers & Decorations $1,876
Gifts & Favors $578
Invitations $643
Photography & Video $1,299
Planner/Consultant $2,312
Venue, Catering & Rentals $14,960
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