$30,258 is the Estimated Wedding Cost

Wedding cost estimate based on the spending of other couples not wedding vendor prices

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Wedding Cost Summary

For this wedding, the total estimated wedding cost is $30,258

Home zip code: 55033 Get Wedding Statistics
Season: Spring Wedding
Getting married in: Hastings MN
How many guests: This estimate is based on having 125 guests with a range of 100 to 150 guests. Adding a single guest will likely add $242 to the total amount spent. For example, adding 10 additional guests will add $2,421 to the total wedding cost.
The ceremony and reception will be at the same location
Wedding Location: an event facility
Words that describe your wedding: Fun, Romantic, Unique
Primary color theme: Purples
Highest priority or most important products and services:
  • Attire & Accessories (Wedding Dress, Suit, etc.)
  • Bakery (Wedding Cake/dessert)
  • Entertainment (DJ, Live Band, Musician/s, etc.)
How much does a spring wedding in Hastings MN with 100 to 150 guests cost? The wedding is at an event facility. The type of wedding is Fun, Romantic, Unique. The wedding color theme is Purples. The estimated cost for this wedding is $30,258.

Wedding Cost by Category

Category Estimated Cost
Attire & Accessories $2,313
Beauty & Spa $124
Entertainment $3,902
Flowers & Decorations $1,956
Gifts & Favors $617
Invitations $375
Jewelry $4,260
Photography & Video $3,303
Venue, Catering & Rentals $13,408

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